The ritual is back this year and NOITES RITUAL will bring you two free days of portuguese music among some other activities to the beautiful Palácio de Cristal gardens, in Porto, Portugal, on the 25th and 26th of September 2015.

This 24th edition of this beloved urban festival that has become a tradition for the portuguese audience, is going back to the 1992 concept that started all of this 23 years ago.All the production is already ongoing for several months and we’re finishing adjusting the last details to spend the next week in loco, setting everything up for the crowd’s enjoyment.

As always NOITES RITUAL  main goal is the promotion and offer of portuguese manifestations of art, products and services to the vast audience of portuguese lovers and curious people.

CAPICUA is one of the most acclaimed portuguese hip hop MC’s, who after inumerous participations on hip hop works with several bands, goes solo in 2008, releasing her first album in 2012.

After that first album, her name went higher and higher on the already established portuguese hip hop fans and leapt all the way to the mainstream audience.

NOITES RITUAL has the honour of having CAPICUA as the closing act for the first day finishing her tour in her home city.

Paulo Zé Pimenta, better known as PZ, is a electronic music composer and performer who has been scoring some points on the general public, because of the quality of his work, his graphical and writing humour and his collaboration with several portuguese directors on the visual aesthetics of his own videoclips.

A great smooth and groovy start for this first day.

DIABO NA CRUZ came up in 2007 and rose to the masses with a great portuguese popular rock where you can distinguish the portuguese folk music influences and rhythm. An amazing party on stage and off of it, that you shouldn’t miss closing this event’s second day.

RITA REDHOES is another great female artist portuguese reference. With her touch in several areas, RITA REDSHOES started playing drums on a theater group and integrated several formations as the ATOMIC BEES, where she would sing and play keyboards, and DAVID FONSECA‘s band handling the keys. In 2008, RITA REDSHOES went solo and is now bringing her current show to warm up the NOITES RITUAL crowd.

As for the Ritual stage, where a vast number of big portuguese acts performed before achieving stardom, this year’s choice falls on GRANDFATHER’S HOUSE and OLIVEIRA TRIO on the first day and LOLA LOLA and PE7ER PANIC on the second day.

Besides this amazing bill, some parallel activities will keep you entertained and relaxed, exploring further than just the music and the live show.

PORTUGAL LOVERS with the Urban Market will provide a choice of artisans to showcase their products and artists to spread the joy and good mood between the audience.

The past NOITES RITUAL editions will also have their visibility inside the Ritual Lounge where videos and memorabilia from former editions will be on display.

Hope to see you all there enjoying a great event with the wonderful views from Palácio de Cristal and it’s amazing gardens.